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In this plan your content  will be featured in a following  pages and will be charged as follows per view:
      a) Homepage - Rs.10 per view 
      b) Videopage - Rs.7 per view 
      c) Audiopage - Rs.5 per view 
      d) Homepage Featured List - Rs.8 per view
NOTE: A minimun of Rs. 5000 is to be deposited for the purpose.
The charges are as follows:
      a) Homepage - Rs.500/day
      b) Videopage - Rs.300/day
      c) Audiopage - Rs.250/day
      d) Homepage Featured List - Rs.350/day
NOTE: A minimun of Rs. 1000 is to be deposited for this purpose.
3) 15 DAYS PLAN:
In this plan, your content will be featurd in in the specified page continuously for 15 days. The rates are as follows:
      a) Homepage - Rs.10000
      b) Videopage - Rs.7500
      c) Audiopage - Rs.5000
NOTE: All the AD plans are prepaid Plans.
Also the number of days for the AD has to be specified before starting the AD.
In case of any unused balanced (per view plan), the amount would be refunded.
Additional Plans:
1) Rs.1000 - This includes emails to our Members (twice within 10 days) and also updates and promotion through our social media groups/pages.
2) Rs.500 - This includes only e-mails to our Members only once.

For Advertise, Contact directly: Utpal Kalita (+91 9884402198) and Jaki Neog (+91 9566134675)

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